She owns the day

necklace Ebay / coat, shoes, sweater ZARA / pants H&M / bag Mango

I just got the orange necklace that I bought from ebay, and it took a month to get here. I didn't want to wait any longer to wear it, but I think it is not appropriate to wear such a necklace with scarf, especially now in winter time, here, in Toronto. Lucky me, 3 days ago was the last warm day this year(I guess), so I still could hang this thing on my neck(without scarf) ;)

So, We (My family and I) went to downtown on that day only for a walk and taking pictures, but only about 30% from total of the picture looks good, because I didn't set the camera to the auto mode (still learning before using a better camera ;) ), and My daughter was being nosy on that day, She just wanted to be in all pictures.

 Girl of the day :)

She is everywhere :D


  1. So cute pictures:) I really like your outfit so much and especially your pants and your shoes!! You look great with it!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  2. Great pants! Your little girl sure can pose, she gots talent!
    Happy holidays.....