I have always been very interested in the beauty, fashion, cooking, traveling. And this blog will contain about those things. I named this blog Viagio as derived from the acronym for my name. My first post is about my style and traveling this year.

February 2012, Hong kong

Hi! This is me, Vivi.. :)
My babies Jazlyn & Cruz, Disneyland.
Victoria Peak

April 2012, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, 1000 Islands.

Kingston, Ottawa
1000 Islands

June 2012, The States

Words can't describe how I was feeling at the time. I was sooo happy. I met my bff who I hadn't seen in 5 years. We traveled together, shared our never ending stories, and the most important thing was she became my *oops* our personal photographer :p. At least she can do much better than my hubby ;). I really miss her now :( and looking forward to go traveling together again.

The Jujax :) V & Inrie.
The Outfits

The bad side of this trip is I lost my camera. So there are no Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, New Haven, Baltimore, Rhode Island pictures or let say we only have NYC. Some bad quality pictures are from my phone and thanks God, Inrie has some of our pictures in her camera. I wish one day I could go back there and take more good pictures again.

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